Massachusetts Centennial Commemorative Coin now on sale 

To order:

Mail Check payable to:

Department of MA VFW 

22 Beacon Street

State House 

Suite 546-1

Boston, MA 02133

Cost $10 per coin

Shipping & Handling $3.00

This year, the VFW will be hosting its first-ever, virtual Parade of Winners on April 1 at 7 p.m. CDT, live on Facebook. Be sure to visit the VFW Facebook page, select the Virtual Parade of Winner event, tap “interested,” then “going”  to ensure you stay up-to-date and receive all event notifications and reminders.

for more information, or to hear the state winners speech,  (click here) 

VFW Commander-In-Chief Testifies Virtually Before Congress: VFW National Commander Hal Roesch testified via video teleconference before a special joint hearing of the House and Senate Committees on Veterans’ Affairs. The VFW delivered its top priority of toxic exposure reform, demanding Congress develop a comprehensive solution for veterans who were exposed to toxic chemicals during their time in service. Roesch cited examples of toxic exposure throughout history, countering the notion that the claim is a new phenomenon. “Toxic exposure for our troops has been synonymous with service for more than a hundred years, but every time we’re faced with it, we act as if it’s never happened before,” Roesch said. The VFW recommends Congress establish an independent commission, free of DOD and VA oversight, as well as partner with the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine to identify toxic exposures and evaluate their association to certain diseases.

State House

24 Beacon Street Suite 546-1

Boston, MA 02133