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24 Beacon Street Suite 546-1

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100th State Convention June 11-14th, 2020  (click here) 


Governor Charlie Baker has ordered the following: (Details can be found at several different news outlets and on the  MA.GOV  website.)

All restaurants and bars stop allowing on premise consumption. Take out only. 

All gatherings of any kind of 25 or more people are also prohibited.

All schools will be closed  until April 7th.

These orders by the Governor are in effect  starting Tuesday March 17, 2020  and will remain in effect  until April 7, 2020 . 

Given these state emergency rules, Department Commander Najarian is ordering that all of our canteens follow the rules and stop serving on premises. Social distancing is to be adhered to which means no bar seating and all persons need to be no more than 6 feet within another person. 

As for the Department, we are open for business. All employees are equipped to work remotely. If you need assistance, continue to use our office phone numbers, emails, facebook, and other social media.

In conjunction with the V.A. and Department of Massachusetts VFW leadership, The VFW Service Offices located in all V.A facilities will be closed until further notice for the safety of our staff. Anyone who needs to reach their Service officer can do so by phone or email. 

All Service Officers are equipped with mobile devices and have remote access to all V.A systems. 

(The Department Service Officer will be available at the regular scheduled time. As the VBA at the JFK Federal Building is on a modified schedule and is open for the time being. You can reach the Service office by phone or email . 

We will continue to keep you informed with what we know as we get information.
As for our organization rules, elections, by-laws, etc, we are working on getting the answers to all of those questions and as soon as we get them they will be shared.

Please understand that we are in uncharted waters and the situation is changing daily if not hourly. We asked for your patience. Together we will get through this.

Please remain safe.
VFW Department of Massachusetts



As you are aware the Massachusetts Governor has declared a State of Emergency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

While there are currently no reports of any of our members having contracted the disease, we believe it is in the best interest of our organization to remain vigilant and follow the advice of our medical and political leaders. In light of the current health risks associated with the corona virus, at this time Massachusetts Department Commander Najarian is recommending the following for our Department:

1.  Not holding any in-person post or district meetings for the next 30 days. We are also recommending that any Massachusetts VFW related events scheduled within the next 30 days be postponed or cancelled.

2.  When possible, conduct meetings via telephone or other electronic means. Many smartphones offer apps that can help facilitate a group meeting and email is also a good option.

Please look out for each other and follow the guidelines being put out by our medical professionals as we weather this storm. If you are in a vulnerable group, take extra precautions and try to limit your exposure to any groups or gatherings. As things progress we will continue to keep you informed.

General Order # 2 July 2019

To order:

Mail Check payable to:

Department of MA VFW 

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State House 

Suite 546-1

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